10 thoughts on “Customs & Border Protection – Entering the U.S.

  1. (Responsible for everyone’s safety and security) As today the 11th of April 2019, 264 people kill by police,the total killings in the USA, for 2018, 11.000 thousand people.Security and safety, in the USA, IS THAT A JOKE??

  2. Hey Mr announcer good presentation… what about the thousands and thousands of people at our southern border?

  3. Flying to the US for the first time from the UK how did you all find CBP I’ve got my ESTA sorted.

  4. Lol I’m. Us citizen got back to California, their like please come with us to additional questioning sir, 21 year old me….. alright, I’m tired and just want to go home. Goes in, they ask me what you have in your bag, I’m like clothes, souviners, there like alright welcome back. I’m like couldn’t you just have asked that out in regular line lol.

  5. I was very happy the way I was treated at customs. (San Francisco). The person was dark skinned in my case maybe that explains it lol.

  6. I’m European, last month to go to Costa Rica I had the bad idea of taking a flight with conntection in the United States. Exaggerated controls: very intrusive questions, interrogation to everyone even before the first check in. and then… why if I’m just in transit do I have to pick up my luggage and check in again for the second flight? It costs a lot of time (in addition to customs controls) I can understand that each country has its own control policy, but the question I ask myself is: do American citizens have to pay for a visa and be questioned in order to come to Europe, even if only for a transit/connection flight?

  7. Chem-trails from tbe deep state of your govert, not only harm ,kill crops but also kill humans.
    How can CBP stop this ? That is my question

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