School in the USA vs FRANCE: Differences + culture shocks (FRENCH SUBTITLES)

Hello you beautiful humans! In today’s video, me and Maria, from the youtube channel Prana at Work, are talking all about the differences between school in the USA VS school in France. There are a tons of things to cover, so whether you want to study abroad in France or are here for the long term, we’re sharing our experience to help you out!
Maria and I met through youtube because we are both Americans in Paris, France, studying in French and married to French guys (tons of collaboration potential!) Maria is studying Human Resources at L’essec business school, which is an international business school in both English and French. For my part, I’m at a very small public art school. It was fun to compare and contrast the differences between the United States and France and see that actually, our two French schools are very different.
One thing that was a bit of a culture shock to both of us is the lack of team sports and activities with in the French school. While there are tons of things going on in Paris, school is meant for learning and less for socializing in the French culture.
Another thing that shocked me personally is the fact that everything is a bit more laid back (at least in my art school) and smoking is permitted inside (only in France) haha.
We both really miss the charismatic professors as it’s true, in the USA there are a lot of big personalities. However, I quite enjoy the fact that I’m on the same level as the professors and they aren’t exalted in France (more liberal I suppose).
As Maria and I both have a degree from universities in the USA and now are working on university degrees in France, we have a pretty unique opportunity to see from both sides. One of my favorite things about being a student in France is the price! France makes it easy to be a student by making education affordable for everyone. I also really enjoy how small my school is and that in France, whatever you study, you most likely end up doing in the long run.
Me and Maria both speak French, but I think its possible to study in France with only English as well.
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Why do you live in France?
I moved to Paris to be an Au pair and then met my love (as you do in France) and then got married and built a life here 🙂

What do you study?
I study Fine art/multimedia. You can see my work here: @_purple_palace

Is Paris safe?

This is such a broad question but in short–yes and no! Check out my video: Biggest French culture shock to understand what I mean…

Do you speak French fluently? Yes, check out some of my videos completely in French

Where do you live in France? Paris

Why did you start youtube? Because I miss speaking in English and I wanted to build a community where I share a bit of my experience as an American abroad/help people? Plus it’s fun AF

How can I get a visa to France? it depends on what your goals are..Check out my video on how to move to France on a budget to get some ideas on visas, etc.

What kind of camera do you use? Canon G7X

What video software do you use? Final Cut pro X

How often do you post? I try to post a Paris vlog at least once a week!

Can we collaborate?
I love the idea of collaborating and if you think our channels could vibe well and your in the Paris region please send me a mail!

What arrondissement of Paris is the best?
The 20th, duh 😉

What cheese do you like? (no one asks me this jk)

All the cheeses

Where do you shop in France?
Thrift stores like guerrisol are my favourite..Check out my video “Come thrifting with me in Paris” to see more.

See you guys soon and stay inspired!!

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  2. I’m wanting to apply to universities in either France or Germany for this upcoming year and have found your channel so helpful and lighthearted to watch! So happy this exists !!! ! ! !

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